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Lili Sinclaire author of books on well-being

Overcoming Depression is Possible!

I've spent the past 20 years researching depression, anxiety, addictions, and eating disorders. I've discovered what many professionals know, and I compiled the information all together in an easy to understand and practical way in The Nine Fork Books. 

You, too, can be free! By practicing The Nine Forks you will discover a new path filled with connection, peace, love, and even moments of joy!

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The Fork in the Path, Nine Mindful Choices to Well-being, is a book for all of us. From the person who simply wants to change some small aspect of their lives, to someone who wants to transform their entire experience of living, the steps can help anyone, (including those who suffer with anxiety, depression or addictions), to learn the skills we all need as we journey down the trail toward contentment and fulfillment.

“Your book is beautifully written and illustrated. I'm always on the lookout for something to recommend to my clients who are struggling and might benefit from something like this. Thank you for your honesty about your personal struggles. I suspect that your story resonates with many of the readers. Congratulations on a solid product!”

Elisabeth Ganiron, Psy.D.

“This book is a perfect jewel. Lili has integrated a tremendous depth of thoughts with spectacular photography and profound quotes to create a beautiful book that is both simplistic and magnificent.” Carolie Coffey MA. Sociology

“Thank you so much for this masterpiece! This was a bad week, and you really brought joy to my life today.” Terry A, 8 years clean & sober

“This book has essential words to help me plan with a purpose, kind of like taking vitamins knowing I can gather strength to tackle, accept, and let go of things to perpetuate living happily. Thank you, Lili.” Kenny G, walking the path of well-being.

“Lili Sinclaire has done a wonderful job with her beautiful book, The Fork in the Path. She explains clearly how to become aware of the choices we

make in order to change our lives.”

Frank Ricceri, Division Director Transitions-Mental Health Association

“Lili’s natural writing approach to healing

is a lovely path that allows one to 

navigate their trials and tribulations

through introspection, bringing them to a place of truth.”

Shannon Aguirre, 

Marriage and Family Therapist

The Fork Trail Guide

This book is a companion book to The Fork in the Path, Nine Mindful Choices to Well-Being. The Fork Trail Guide has charts and exercises to help you become mindful of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.


As you answer The Three Questions, you’ll uncover the layers of your story and discover what it is you really want. You’ll become aware of your choices, so you can make different ones when needed: thus allowing you to move forward on your journey.


When you realize you are the Storyteller of your life, you’ll uncover the power you have to transform your experience of living.

"The Fork Trail Guide is available as a companion book to assist readers of The Fork in the Path as they make their personal journey.  Its workbook format leads the reader through a step-by-step examination of the nine mindful choices of well-being, offering meaningful prompts and encouraging the self-knowledge required for significant life changes." M. Robinson, College English Teacher

The Bridge

On New Year’s Eve, 1960, Acacia turns thirteen. Her birthday wish is to be courageous enough to cross the old, dilapidated bridge. She and her best friend, Dwight want to find out why a light is shining in the deserted migrant camp where a girl’s body was found three years before. 


The teens cross The Bridge that night and encounter a man living in an old cabin. He invites them in, but fear sends then running home. 


The following day the teens spy on the man, trying to find out what he’s doing over there. Soon they discover someone is spying on them; thus the adventure of their lives begins. 


The next year, Acacia is brutally attacked. With her assailant wandering free, she finds solace and protection from Dwight, her eccentric next-door neighbor, Mrs. A, and a Native American man who lives off the land. Acacia heals physically, but to thrive emotionally, she'll have to learn that there's more than one way to see things. Ultimately, she'll have to leave her judgments behind and journey over the bridge of curiosity, tolerance, and truth.

This is a YA (Young Adult) coming-of-age story. The Bridge deals with social, political, and religious themes related to injustice, intolerance, and acceptance.

"If a touch of True Detective was woven together with To Kill a Mockingbird against a backdrop of John Steinbeck, you'd set the stage for the story Lili Sinclaire has told with The Bridge. It's an inspiring tale, as dark and twisting as it is warm and inspiring. I highly recommend it.”         

A. Elliott

"This book was amazing. Impossible to put down. The Bridge has every possible adventure you can imagine. I am so glad I purchased this book and recommend it to all who want suspense, drama, love, family issues and every other aspect of a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

R. Geremia  ​

"The Bridge is a super powerful book! I really enjoyed the ending. Beautifully written. There were parts in it where I was literally so choked up with the emotion of it all I was crying. There were so many plot twists that it kept me actively engaged and unable to put it down. It would make a wonderful movie!" H. Smith, Teacher

"The Bridge touches on ALL the universal questions we ponder throughout our lives - good-bad, love, death, cruelty and where it comes from, and the basic truth that our perspective on the events in our lives creates the life we live. It’s about questioning, opening, and growing - how those things change us and we are always changing." S. Akerstein, retired teacher

The Bridge is an allegorical tale that brings to life two other books by Ms. Sinclaire – The Fork in the Path and its companion, The Fork Trail Guide. The emphasis in these self-help books is on mindful choices.  In The Bridge, it is Acacia’s researched and mindful choices that lead her to the story’s end. M. Robinson, college teacher

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