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Connection & Relationships 
Curiosity is the Key

Life is about relationships! We're relating all the time, to ourselves, others, and life. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves because it influences every other relationship.

Relationships are about communication! Learning to communicate with ourselves and others in constructive ways helps build positive relationships so we can have connected, fulfilled, meaningful lives.

Positive Communication is ultimately the powerful force that creates our entire experience of living!

I've trained with four institutions in the area of conflict resolution and communication skills, including the international organization for Nonviolent Communication. I've worked as a Parent Coach and support group facilitator for The Parent Connection of SLO. I also worked as a Crisis Counselor for the Women's Shelter Program of SLO County now called Stand Strong.

Using the Key of Curiosity

to open

The Toolbox of Awareness

1. Be Curious. Instead of making assumptions

2. Be Responsible. Instead of blaming

3. Be Honest. Open with healthy boundaries

4. Be aware of taking things Personally

5. Be aware each person has their own view

6. Be aware that fear causes fight or flight

7. Ask, "What am I feeling?"

8. Ask, "What are they feeling?"

9. Ask, "What's the positive intention?"

Curiosity creates awareness

Road Blocks



  1. Judging

  2. Criticizing 

  3. Lecturing 

  4. Shaming

  5. Advising

  6. Threatening

  7. Comparing

  8. Ignoring

  9. Defending

Book: Building Bridges to Connection: The Key to the Toolbox

Coming out soon!

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