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My Meditation Practice

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

There are many forms of meditation. I meditate to observe and enter the space beyond what's in my head. When I meditate I often focus on the breath to keep my mind from wandering. I notice the air going in and out of my body. Besides the breath, sometimes I use a phrase such as Calm with the in-breath and Peace with the out-breath. The point for me is to enter a larger space than

what my mind creates.

When my mind wanders, which it does, I don't judge myself, I simply return to focusing on my breath, the sounds, or the phrase. If my mind latches onto a thought, I say thinking and return to my practice.

I begin my practice by noticing any tension in my body and mind. I breathe into that area to bring awareness of why I feel as I do. Next, I accept what is without trying to change it - this is letting go. Then I embrace what does exist with an attitude of gratitude. Finally, I simply breathe in and out for about 10-15 minutes. This practice helps me to be present. I feel centered, connected, and better than I did before I began!

The world is big and the universe is vast. There is a lot of space that exists. Meditation helps me remember this immense space that is everywhere and that my feelings are like clouds in the sky that move about and come and go - and planet Earth keeps spinning through the universe that I live and breathe in. That's amazing!

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