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My Meditation Practice

There are many forms of meditation. I meditate to enter the space beyond what's in my head. When I meditate I often focus on the breath to keep my mind from wandering. I notice the air going in and out of my body. Besides the breath, sometimes I use a phrase such as Calm with the in-breath and Peace with the out-breath. The point for me is to enter a larger space than

what my mind creates.

When my mind wanders, which it does, I don't judge myself, I simply return to focusing on my breath, the sounds, or the phrase. If my mind latches onto a thought, I say thinking and return to my practice.

I begin my practice by noticing any tension in my body and mind. I breathe into that area to bring awareness of why I feel as I do. Next, I accept what is without trying to change it - this is letting go. Then I embrace what does exist with an attitude of gratitude. Finally, I simply breathe in and out for about 10 minutes. This practice helps me to be present. I feel centered, connected, and better than I did before I began!

The world is big and the universe is vast. There is a lot of space that exists. Meditation helps me remember this immense space that is everywhere.

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