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Quiet Please

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

I'm learning to become calm and get back in the flow of life!

I’ve experienced a wonderful thing in the past month, I’m learning to be calm. I’ve been high strung, wound up, hyper or whatever you want to call it, my whole life. When I was young, my mother wouldn’t let me have long hair - because I rocked myself to sleep, and I’d wake up with a head full of tangled locks. I gave up rocking long ago, but I still hadn’t learned to relax.

Relaxing often made me nervous. When I’d sit to read or knit, I’d have to shake my leg. My body is just full of energy. I know how important it is to be calm because when we are, we’re able to be in the moment, see things more clearly and make better decisions. In January, I made a commitment to my WOC group (Weekly, Opportunity, Challenge). I said I’d sit quietly twice a day. The first week was brutal. The second week I had to FORCE myself to do it. Now, over a month later, a SHIFT!

I’m not only sitting twice a day, I wake up this way and go to bed this way. I just sit and breathe. It’s not forced anymore, and I want to do it. I think the shift came when I stopped trying to do it “right” and instead I just relaxed. I sink into my chair, usually with a cup of tea. I listen to the clock tick, the heater come on, the wind blow. I watch the birds fly by. I'm in the flow of life, it's really cool.

This time has become so important for me because my mind stops swirling, and I come back to real LIFE. I’ve also noticed that when I feel off during the day, if I go sit, I can trace back when the “yucky” feeling began. I can then see what’s going on with me. I then decide if I want to change the thing, look at it differently or just let it go. I feel balanced, centered or . . . I don’t know, but it’s good.

What an amazing thing to be calm, and to be in the flow. I love it!

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