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Why I Meditate

I meditate to observe what’s happening in the present moment. When I observe I become aware of what’s really going on inside me and around me. That awareness often leads to higher consciousness. I am then able to be free from my suffering. Because a lot of my suffering has to do with things bumping around in my mind that are not even happening at that moment.

Through my meditation practice, I’ve noticed that I’m more open and curious about my own experience and that of others. I’m less judgmental, and I don’t take things personally. I find I’m more understanding and compassionate of others’ problems, issues, or suffering. I’m calmer and less reactionary.

Basically, practicing meditation helps me get out of the small world my mind creates. That world is usually filled with ego. Ego is focusing on ourselves: our looks, clothes, possessions, how others perceive us, our perceived problems, etc.

Meditation allows me to broaden my worldview – I usually feel more connected to myself, others, and life. I see the wonder in myself and others. I feel more loving.

Every moment of every day, I get to choose between the small world of ego and the immense experience of life.

I meditate to enter that expanse of reality that exists outside my narrow, limited perception of what is real. It's wonderful to be free from my little world and to wander around in the bigger world outside!

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