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The Tails of The River Friends I & II

Currently looking for an illustrator for my book series.
If you or someone you know want's to be a part of this wonderful book series, please contact me at

Meet The River Friends:

Hawk, Sasah, Duci, Tuffy, Ferdy, Bella, Bogart, and Lulu!

Tales of the River Friends begins when Lulu Bird flies from her home on the north side of the river and hits her head on a rock. A bear named Bogart, who lives on the south side of the river, sees her and saves her from drowning. When she wakes up, she has amnesia.


Hawk and Sabu the snake, Lulu’s friends, send out a search party, but they return home with no sign of their little bird friend.


If Bogart hopes to win Lulu’s friendship, he must have the courage to help her find her way home.


Besides not remembering who she is, or where she came from, Lulu ultimately must discover what lies within her, the ability to fly.

The Tales of the River Friends II

The adventures continue! Ferdy, the frog, is organizing a race through the forest to prove he's the fastest. Duci, the dragonfly, is planning an Opera to show off her beauty.


Lulu is trying to lose weight because she thinks she's too fat to be in the opera. And the Lying Wolf is back trying to cause more trouble.


Each of the nine friends must discover what talents and gifts they have that contribute to everyone in The Neighborhood of River Friends. 

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