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The Grand Adventure - Not Waiting, Just Being

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Wait: to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens.

Antonym of wait: journey, move, proceed.

I spent most my life waiting, but not anymore. At sixty-one I am at a wonderful place in my life – the place of being. This place is so much more fabulous than the place of waiting!

I’m not waiting to start kindergarten or to graduate from high school. I’m not waiting to go to college or to get a degree. I’m not waiting to be old enough to drink or to stop drinking too much. I’m not waiting for someone to love me, or to get married. I’m not waiting to have children, or for grandchildren. I’m not waiting to get a better job or to retire.

The Fork in the Path, The Fork Trail Guide, The Bridge

I’m not waiting to write books, I wrote them. I’m not waiting for my books to positively impact people, they are. I’m not waiting to get in shape, I am in shape. I’m not waiting to be free and independent, I am free and independent. I’m not waiting for love, I am loving. I’m not waiting for peace, I have peace.

I’m no longer waiting for anything. I do want a dog, but I’m not waiting; one will come along at some point on the journey.

The waiting is over, and I’m simply living right here, right now – it feels so great; it's so cool!

Limekiln on my 60th B-Day!

There is nothing better than to be right here in the moment where life is so magnificent; to feel peace, love, and bits of joy sprinkled in, too. I am extremely grateful to be part of the wondrous, grand adventure of life.

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