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The Revolving Door Syndrome

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I write to remind myself of what is true – this inspires me; I hope you find it inspiring, too. Often, I’ll learn something of great value and soon forget it. My mind gets so busy wrapping around all kinds of minutiae that I’ll forget an important concept that was helping me move forward on my journey.

The revolving door syndrome for me goes something like this – I’m on one side of a glass, revolving door and real life is on the other! I’m lost inside my head as though it’s a sky scrapper with lots of dim lit rooms filled with files of useless stuff and desks piled high with junk mail that needs to be thrown out.

I’m visual, so my experience is wrapped around what I see. It's as though there’s a movie constantly going on in my head.

Some people experience things more auditorily, they are in tune with sounds and words. If you’re like this, you may sometimes hear a negative voice circling around in your head – you’re stuck inside the revolving door. Other people are more kinesthetic they experience things through their feelings. If you’re like this, you may at times have strong emotional or physical feelings that cause you to feel trapped inside the revolving door which is just a negative place in your head. Whether we are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic there’s a reality we create with our minds and then the real world that exists outside the revolving door!

We all experience the revolving door syndrome; we circle around positive and negative, open and closed, clear and confused, warm and cold, loving and not so loving, being curious and being a know-it-all.

If you experience things visually, you can envision yourself walking out the revolving door where a wide, open, beautiful world is there just waiting for you to join it. If you experience things auditorily, you can hear yourself walking outside the revolving door where birds sing in the trees while the breeze ruffling the leaves clears your mind and calms you. If you experience things kinesthetically, you can move through the revolving door feeling the sun’s warmth on your face as your heart and mind lighten while you breathe in the fresh air all around you.

My favorite moments in life are when I remember to be curious and step away from the limitations of my negative thoughts – out the revolving door and right into the open space of real life where so much beauty and wonder exists everywhere!

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